An Early 18th century home legendarily owned by ”Margret,” Blackbeard the pirates supposed mistress who he visited while in the town of Marcus Hook.

Plank House


As you can see from the photo montage above, many people of all ages and abilities participate in Plank House digs. No matter what your level, there's always something interesting for you to do at the Plank House; from washing artifacts to sifting to actually taking trowel in hand and digging. We have found everything from pottery to bottles to jewelry to buttons. There are also lots of oyster shells and bones of animals that past residents of the Plank House ate for their supper. Every dig brings many surprises. We hope you will join us.
Summertime archaeological excavations at the Plank House are sponsored by the Marcus Hook Preservation Society and are overseen through the guidance and direction of Professional volunteer archaeologists.
To particiopate in our scheduled archaeological digs, please bring a (Marshalltown Co. is the preferred brand) pointed trowel size 4 or 5 and a gardening kneeling pad or wearable knee pads. Please wear a hat and closed-toe shoes. Also, please bring drinking water and a bagged lunch to the excavation.
The first time you arrive at the Plank House, you wil be required to sign a liability release form. Thereafter, at every dig, you will need to log your volunteer hours.
Although there is no fee to participate in these archaeological digs, there are costs associated with them. If you can, we would appreciate that you become a member. It's very affordable and you will get more than your money's worth!
Students in grades 3-6 are welcome to participate as long as they are chaperoned during the hours they are participate in the excavation.
Digs are from 10 am - 3 pm
Inclement weather might cause a cancellation. If you are uncertain that a dig will take place, please call 610-587-7409.

If interested, email us at:
Or call 610 459 4183