An Early 18th century home legendarily owned by ”Margaret,” Blackbeard the pirates supposed mistress who he visited while in the town of Marcus Hook.

Plank House


As you can see from the photo montage above, many people of all ages and abilities participate in Plank House digs. No matter what your level, there's always something interesting for you to do at the Plank House; from washing artifacts to sifting to actually taking trowel in hand and digging. We have found everything from pottery to bottles to jewelry to buttons. There are also lots of oyster shells and bones of animals that past residents of the Plank House ate for their supper. Every dig brings many surprises.
This past Summer and Fall, archaeological excavations at the Plank House were sponsored by Millersville University students through the guidance and direction of Dr. Timothy Trussell, Director of the Millersville University Archaeology Program and Co-Director of the MU Atlantic World Center. During this dig, many new artifacts were discovered and will be studied at the University during the next semester to determine their origin. Once the study is complete, we will post the findings. The artifacts will then be returned to our Artifacts Library where they will be housed for further educational purposes.

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